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Outreach Website - Increase Google rankings - SEO " Make sure Google users find websites you right in the first page results ! " Over time , the web is increasingly clear the business effectively . With good promotion website , accessible from the search engine will be very high . ...

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Professional Website Design - Nice And Easy SEO

In the glorious era of internet , website can act as an online brochure introducing the company , products and services your images , audio and video to life. Partners , customers can access to see a quick , no time to wait to send the mail . Businesses save a lot of cost of printing , mailing and are always updating information in a convenient way . It is also a means of building professional company image in the eyes of customers .

Enterprise can support customers through websites such as answering questions , counseling , providing technical documentation , warranty registration , and can chat with customers online . Through the website , customers can also contact the business as quickly as possible .

Website of the customer not only eye-catching , fast loading , meet customer needs , user -friendly but also friendly to Google , Yahoo , Bing ( the popular search engines today ) to website is always a high position on search engines . The website will promote more simple if you website is programmed with the search engine -friendly from the start . With the development of talented engineers , professionals, Vietnam SEO will design for you a website with everything you need to harness the strengths of the internet , making the reader interested in learning more about :

Service company customers .
Helps you identify customers .
Create the form and feel according to the specific needs of the customer .
Make the site are always lively and eye-catching access .

Optimize your content and source code - Easy SEO and promotion

Optimize your content and source code - Easy SEO and promotion

We design websites , we do SEO . Above all , we understand the important technical factor that affects SEO and website promotion on the Internet . Website designed not only user-friendly optimization of HTML source code , but also advice on content optimization for you . Products made out to be incredibly easy to SEO to the top of the search engines , and also be formatted so that it easier to share content on social networks like Facebook , G+ , Twitter , .. .
Eligible customers

All individuals , shops , companies , businesses ... needs to have a website to promote the image and products to our customers and users a most professional manner .

Web Design

Why Vietnam SEO to help you design websites ?
Your website will be installed with search engine friendly bots ( search engines ) to search for potential customers of the customer from the internet .

Your data will be encrypted to avoid data loss from hosting administrator or hacker ( prevention case you buy rival of customer information from a customer 's hosting administrator ) .
The source code of the website you will be encrypted to prevent hackers or hosting manager 's appropriation to a website similar versions .
The site received data will be installed code base against hackers spam protection information , subsequent requests to the server as the server congested .
Website of our customers will be maintained indefinitely to ensure that you are satisfied with the website and the website brings real benefits to customers .
Website You will be fitted free functions such as monitoring customers to our website where you ( visitor tracking ) , time tracking , ip , host of the admin login on website administrator ( admin logs - to admin account for the loss of directional processing time ) .

Benefits of a beautiful and professional website

- A beautiful image and first impression of the brand and your products to users and potential customers

- Owning a website that allows you to business applications and other forms of online advertising and marketing will help drive business

- Customers can easily interact and direct contact with you , post comments , contact quick and convenient through information on the website

- Operating 24/7/365 never closed ! The web site you will be open all day and night can allow customers to view merchandise at any time they want !

- A new channel content updates , news , new product ... effectively allowed users rapid access
Website Design Process

The two sides signed the contract . You pay 30 % immediately after the contract is signed (phase I) .
You will send company information , logo , product images email us . If the file size is too big , our staff will come to our office to receive you .
We will demo website for customer interface .
Update and modify the interface of the customer request .
After you agree to our website interface , we will carry out the function of website programming .
Updated website features requested by customers .
After you agree to the website functions , the two sides will conduct acceptance test .
You pay us 70 % of the remaining contract value (phase II ) .
We're one of the customers website to the hosting , maintenance as required by the customer.


With the company's experienced professional web design , website design SEO Vietnam in accordance with the characteristics of each industry, sector , products your business . At the same time make your website the most beautiful and highest efficiency . Standard Process website development model applied in international software producers , the key phase is divided into smaller stages , allows for the construction of a parallel website at many stages . We can describe the process by following these steps :

1 . Receive request and advise you about the solution
2 . Analyze requirements and send you a quotation to
3 . Sign contracts and projects initiated
4 . Design template and sample interface censorship
5 . Programming interface based on a preliminary sample
6 . Edit your request
7 . Handing website and begin the warranty period

SEO Vietnam always wants further improvement to meet the maximum requirements of the customer to offer our customers a service , products more perfect . We work commitment , hard, relentless effort each day to bring perfection for our customers .

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