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Outreach Website - Increase Google rankings - SEO " Make sure Google users find websites you right in the first page results ! " Over time , the web is increasingly clear the business effectively . With good promotion website , accessible from the search engine will be very high . ...

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With Google Adwords Advertising Website

Website by advertising " sponsored links " on Google that allows website owners pay Google to display websites in the first place when Google users search for keywords that are related to business of the website . This will make the website owner can market the products and services their customers come to the right a selective and effective .

Reach people when they search for a word or phrase (which we called keywords) , or browse the website has topics related to your business . Your ads can appear on Google and its partner sites . With cost- per-click ( CPC ) , you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad .
Search Advertising Process

Your ads appear next to relevant content

People click on your ads

And connect with your business

Benefits of advertising with Google AdWords
A few important things that AdWords differently than other types of advertising . Using AdWords , you can :

- Reaching people at the right time they are looking for what you offer.
- Control your budget .
- See exactly somewhat effective in your advertising and builds on that part.

Advantages of advertising on Google ?

Pay only when someone clicks on your ad
Lower cost than other ads

Selected objects :

When customers search for information related to the product or service you are advertising for your new display .

This advantage will help you stay on track and go type of object no real demand for your product or service .

As technology and high efficiency :

System is rated as number 1 in the search for information online , Google has brought new values ​​and fully satisfy those looking for information . In Vietnam , the proportion of people using the search engine Google tilted about 85 % .

Therefore, Google is advertising on the most effective methods to make products and services accessible to your consumers .

Google Adwords implementation steps :

Step 1 : You define the keywords that you want to advertise on Google , Vietnam SEO consultant will help you choose the most appropriate keywords .
Step 2 : Vietnam will sign advertising SEO keywords with Google that helps you .
Step 3 : You will ads appear on Google when Google users search for information with the keywords that you have registered .
Step 4 : Each time a customer clicks on your ads website visitors , customers will have to pay 1 amount corresponding to 1 exchange for customers visiting the website ( this amount is set in advance SEO Vietnam with Google ) .

The task of SEO Vietnam :

- Helps you choose which keywords best suited to the field of business customers .
- Analysis of the degree of individual search keywords .
- Cost estimates for promotional activities .
- On behalf of customers registered with Google ads .
- To monitor and tabulate statistics and cost effectiveness for each campaign . Please see our report form HERE

Cost :

Advertising costs depend on the amount of customers that you wish to visit the website and keywords that you choose to advertise . If you big budget , you can select multiple tags simultaneously attracted visit their website . However SEO Vietnam always aims to optimize costs for customers . So rest assured that you can start using the service with only 3.000.000vnd/thang Adwords .

Service Pack

Advertising Fees Paid to Google

SEO services Vietnam Fee

Time Ads

Number of keywords
Package 1 :
3.000.000VND 2.500.000vnd 500.000VND Unlimited Unlimited
Package 2 :
6.000.000VND 5.400.000vnd 600.000vnd Unlimited Unlimited
Package 3 :
12.000.000VND 11.300.00vnd 700.000VND Unlimited Unlimited

- For example : You choose the package cost is 3.000.000vnd 1 / 1 months . In it , the money used to pay for each click for Google 's 2.500.000vnd , this amount will be split evenly 30 days advertising . If the end of the 30 day period , the amount left over , we will continue to run the ad until there 0.00VNĐ . Amount paid for by Google is verified reports ( reports ) from the Google email so you can feel safe about its true value . Costs initialized with Google services and administrative costs of SEO is 500.000VND Vietnam .

google adwords

Benefits for customers

Professional Counseling : In addition to helping customers create an account and put ads on Google , there Googlevietnam consulting assignments for clients keywords " hot" promotional product needs . Always determine the fair price of keywords and use tricks to make the most of the salient features of the form of Google AdWords Advertising .

Cost savings and shorten the time : Customers can be assured of complete addresses in Google AdWords advertising service Googlevietnam by a team of experts knowledgeable about business marketing , technical expertise , dedicated service the ad will help you achieve your goals in the shortest period of time with a reasonable cost .

Customer care services hearted , thoughtful : Immediately after starting the Google Adwords advertising campaign , GoogleVietNam will help customers monitor and account balances closely by a continuous Bidding , update and send reports on the effectiveness of campaigns .


With a team of experts working long years in Online Marketing Google Adwords general and in particular , we are proud to be one of the pioneers in the field of services . Businesses can be assured when using SEO services Vietnam Adwords .

We will advise campaign details , deployment time , keyword selection and construction of appropriate advertising messages to the target . We will also help businesses track and optimize advertising daily , send reports weekly, monthly to provide the most effective for your business.

Not only that , the growing trend of stronger forms of online advertising , with a deep understanding of the advertising from Google , we will continue to update customers the ad format Report new, attractive & special features of Google AdWords useful .

What are you waiting for? Please contact us today for a free consultation .

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